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  • Viewing Satellite Close Approaches With Google Earth

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    This is a web-based Google Earth visualization I designed for satellite close approaches. The system is comprised of a PHP script that ingests two satellite ephemeris files and generates a KML file. Each time step is a new GXTrack entry, so as the KML file loads the two satellites animate […]

  • Mission Integrated Reporting System (MIRS)

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    There are a lot of metrics maintained for every satellite launch at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Starting years before and leading up to launch, thousands of high level parameters are collected, statused, and disseminated on a monthly basis. Each parameter was color coded by a subject matter expert to signify either Proceeding on Plan, […]

  • Creating the TATOO Laboratory


    Understanding how customers will use a product is essential to create requirements that will drive a successful design. There are a number of techniques that can be used to discover requirements, but any process is often a challenge when dealing with complex ideas or concepts that can be easily misunderstood. […]

  • Successful Software Addresses Requirements


    Under the Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) paradigm, there are only a few days available to transform a broad range of requirements to a working, launch-ready satellite. To support this concept, an autonomous system is necessary to allow multiple subject matter experts to collaborate on all aspects of a satellite design. […]

  • Designing An Online Children’s Book


    This Flash® interactive was designed for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Solar Terrestrial Probes outreach program.  The customer had originally commissioned a printed coloring book, but desired a web-based version to better reach a larger audience of elementary science educators.  I was responsible for the creativity required to transform the coloring […]

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