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The MIRS Website

The MIRS Website

There are a lot of metrics maintained for every satellite launch at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Starting years before and leading up to launch, thousands of high level parameters are collected, statused, and disseminated on a monthly basis. Each parameter was color coded by a subject matter expert to signify either Proceeding on Plan, Area of Concern, Significant Problem, Not Evaluated, or Not Applicable. The legacy way that this was done was manually through updating a single large Excel spreadsheet that could only be updated by one user at a time.  Then, other personnel would  take screenshots of the spreadsheets and create PowerPoint charts.  This process would take up to two days.

To streamline operations, create consistency, and create a central repository for historical purposes, I designed and programmed the Mission Integrated Reporting System (MIRS) for KSC.

MIRS is an automated .NET web application (in C#) that allows users to enter the parameters that are required for the monthly tracking. The parameters can be given a status each month to ensure a mission is on time and on schedule. Each month, the system generates a PowerPoint similar to the legacy reports, and the system “rolls over” to the new month. A three month history is always available to spot and analyze trends, and more information is available through searching/reporting capability.

Working closely with the user community, MIRS was built by understanding the existing problem, hearing user concerns, and showing prototypes to the users for further feedback.


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